Nature and Culture Madagascar’s


  1. Arrival in Antananarivo: « the city of a thousand soldiers »

Tonga soa, welcome to Madagascar. Once arriving at the airport of Antananarivo, the team of bandro reisen will welcome you. After the formalities of entrance in the Malagasy land, you will be driven directly to your hotel. It will be your first night in Madagascar. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Antananarivo – Antsirabe: The high plateau.

We take the way on direction to the old colonial city of Antsirabe through hills and rice fields’ landscapes.  Antsirabe is at 170 km from Antananarivo. We will stop at the artisanal workshops on the way. In Ambatolampy, we will visit a family workshop, where the aluminum pans are manufactured in a traditional way. Besides the crafts, the local people live much on agriculture. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Antsirabe – Ranomafana: art and crafts

After an early breakfast, we will have a journey of 240 km. Before leaving, we will make a short tour of the city and will visit artisanal workshops. Historically, this city was founded in 1872 by Norwegian, and proposes several tourist attractions. We can visit several artisanal workshops there and semi- precious stone polishing workshops.
The journey from Antsirabe to Ranomafana is a way through valleys and mountains. Rice fields on terrace are current in this undulating area. We will see the typical villages of the high plateaus on the narrow and sinuous way to Fianarantsoa. We will have midday break in Ambositra. This city is well known for its woodcuttings, we will visit shops there. We will arrive at Ranomafana at twilight. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Ranomafana: Ranomafana national park

We wake up early today. After the breakfast, we will go to the national park. After the formalities, we will go looking ourselves for the local guide. He will guide us in the park during an hour excursion. He will give explanations about the animals and plants living in this national park. Above all various animal species, the high point of the exploration is “the golden bamboo lemur”.

The excursion at the national park of Ranomafana requires an excellent endurance, because the ways go up and down and even slipping while raining. Everyone needs to choose either to stay or to do the excursion according to his or her own capacities and endurances.
The national park of Ranomafana belongs to the natural world heritage of UNESCO. A zone is at the tourists’ disposal, the two others are dedicated fields of research for the naturalists. The national park of Ranomafana is classified as tropical forest.
The excursion is finished around noon.

Before the dinner, we will do nocturnal hike along the main road. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Ranomafana – Ambalavao: the Betsileo and their knowledge

Our destination for today is Ambalavao at approximately 120 km drive, literally translated “the new city”. The way passes by Fianarantsoa, the capital of the tribe Betsileo. The Betsileo are very workaholic people. They live on agriculture, especially of rice growing.
The area is characterized by mountainous landscape. Rice fields on terrace cover the tops of mountains. Ambalavao is known thanks to the creation of artisanal paper and silk scarves. We will visit some workshops. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Ambalavao – Ranohira: Appointment with the catta lemurs

The highlight of the day is the visit of “Anja Park”. The catta lemurs or the ring tailed lemurs live freely in this park of the village. Goodbye region of high plateaus, we go on to the southern direction after the excursion. The environment in the southern Madagascar is made of the grassy savanna and dry landscape, the meetings with the herds of zebus and the imposing granite cliffs.
The journey passes by Ihosy, the capital of the tribe Bara. The Baras are very singular people because of their culture and tradition compared to the zebus. At the beginning, the zebus’ stealing are men’s tradition to prove their power.
The way to Ranohira also passes by the plain of Horombe. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Ranohira: Isalo national park

The national park of Isalo is famous because of its spectacular sandstone formations. In spite of the dry climate throughout the year, there are several water supply points in the mountains. Small brooks and rivers feed those multiple oasis in the depth of this region. All the areas are considered by the native Bara as sacred, because they bury their dead in the cliffs. Our excursion leads us in the “Natural pool”. Clean water waits for us at the end of our destination for today; we should not miss the opportunity to take a bathe in this fresh water. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Ranohira – Ifaty passing by Toliara: A multifaceted region.

In spite of the monotonous landscape, the travel gets us many surprises. Plateau Mountains and baobab trees dominate the region. It is the first occasion for us to observe these majestic trees. Baobab trees are considered as sacred by the native of the region. This consideration contributes to its protection. On the way, we will observe the sepulchers of the Mahafaly tribe.
We will arrive at Toliara around the beginning of the afternoon. Toliara is a very hot city. During the day, the city is relatively calm because of the heat wave. We will go to Ifaty after lunch. This idyllic village of fishermen is at 27 km north of Toliara. We will find the small villages of fishermen there, people of this region generally lives on traditional fishing. This area is carpeted with succulent plants. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Ifaty: Baobab Forest

We will do an excursion inside the forest of Baobab trees in the morning. The left of the day is free. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Flight Toliara – Antananarivo: Transfer

Transfer to the airport of Toliara for the flight to Antananarivo. After arriving in the capital, Transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Antananarivo-Andasibe: the evergreen east

 After the breakfast, we will take directly the way to the east. The small village of Andasibe is located at approximately 140 km of the capital. The east is characterized by its green vegetation. The landscape is decorated by the chain of hills and rice fields, the image of the high plateau of Madagascar. On the way, we will see the daily life of the Malagasy people.

Before the dinner, we will go for an evening hike along the main road. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Andasibe: Analamazaotra national park

The observation of the Indri- Indri is the high point of the visit of Analamazaotra.
 The INDRIS are the greatest species of lemur in the world. Our park local guide will do the best to find these lemurs and show them to us. The INDRIS differ from the other species of lemurs thanks to their three various strong cries, which can be heard within a radius of 3km. Two hours excursion in the park will be rather tiring for each one of us. Other species of lemurs live here such as Diadem Sifaka, lemurs with brown and red belly. The place is also a real paradise for birds’ lovers.
After the midday rest, we will visit the private reserve of Vakôna. We have here the opportunity of mixing with the lemurs. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Andasibe – Akanin’ ny Nofy: Canal des Pangalanes – boat trip

After breakfast, we carry our way on to the east. The landscape is marked by the green vegetation. In Manambato, we take the boat to travel along the “channel of Pangalanes” to reach Akanin’ ny Nofy, literally translated “the Nest of dream”. “The Channel of Pangalanes” is an artificial channel, which has approximately 700 km long. It was created during the colonial period. It is particularly important for the local inhabitants for goods transportation. We get in a universe worthy of a fairy tale.

Before the dinner, we will have an evening excursion in the “Aye-aye Island”. The Aye-ayes are rare species of nocturnal lemurs. We can observe them very closely on the island.  Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Akanin’ny Nofy: Palmarium reserve

After breakfast, we will hike at the hotel park. Some species of lemurs also live here. Food’s ready! Take care to have bananas in the bag; otherwise the lemurs will not leave you quiet. A very good prospect is waiting for us on the mountain. Those who look for a haven of peace, they will be very happy finding it here. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Akanin’ ny Nofy – Toamasina: to the east coast

Drive back with the boat across the channel to Manambato. Continuation to Toamasina;  the first port of Madagascar. It is also the Imperial palace of the Betsimisaraka ethnic group. We will be able to live an exotic environment thanks to the short tour of the city. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Toamasina – Soanierana Ivongo – Sainte Marie: road of cinnamons and cloves

The trip continues along the coastal area until Soanierana Ivongo. In the past, the vegetation reflects the original landscape of the island. The spices spread out everywhere. We will reach Sainte Marie from Soanierana Ivongo by boat. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Sainte Marie: Sunny beaches and blue sea

The ancient island of the pirates is famous for the apnea diving and the scuba diving. The very beautiful sunny beaches invite you to swim and enjoy peace. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Sainte Marie: Island of the pirates

The Island offers various excursions for the business travelers: tour of the island, excursion in “the plaits Island”, excursions in the forest or visit to the cemetery of pirates. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Sainte Marie: Day off
  2. Flight Sainte Marie Antananarivo: transfers

Transfer to the airport of Sainte Marie. Getting in Antananarivo, we are driven direct to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

  1. Flight back: Welcome back home




  • Reception at the airport
  • All the transfers : airports- hotels- airports
  • Cars with driver and fuel during the travel
  • 20 Nights with breakfast
  • Transfers by boat
  • Entry in the parks and local guides in the national reserve mentioned in the program
  • Excursions mentioned in the program

Not included:

  • international flights (Europe- Antananarivo- Europe)
  • Travel insurances
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Drinks
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses
  • Optional excursions

Highlights: Nature & culture

  • the Wonders of Madagascar
  • Diversity of Madagascar landscapes: high plateaus and coastal regions, tropical rain forest, dry forest  and Baobab trees
  • National park and natural reserve
  • Spice plantings
  • Traditions and costumes
  • Lemurs and more: Island Aye-aye
  • resort stay in the island of the pirate , Sainte Marie island
  • Antananarivo
  • Antsirabe
  • Ranomafana
  • Ambalavao
  • Ranohira
  • Ifaty
  • Antananarivo
  • Andasibe
  • Andasibe
  • Ankanin'ny Nofy
  • Mahavelona
  • Sainte Marie
  • Antananarivo

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