The North



  1. Arrival in Antananarivo: «the city of a thousand soldiers »

Tonga soa, welcome to Madagascar. Once arriving at the airport of Antananarivo, the team of bandro reisen will welcome you. After the formalities of entrance in the Malagasy land, you will be driven directly to your hotel. It will be your first night in Madagascar.

  1. Antananarivo-Andasibe: the evergreen east

After a short tour in the centre of town of Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar, we will take directly the way to the east. The small village of Andasibe is located at approximately 140 km of the capital. The east is characterized by its green vegetation. The landscape is decorated by the chainof hills and rice field, the image of the high plateau of Madagascar. On the way, we will see the daily life of the Malagasy people.

Before the dinner, we will go for a nocturnal hike along the main road.

  1. Andasibe: Mantadia national park

Today we will visit the National park of Mantadia, and will make a deep exploration through the primary forest, to discover the multiple and extremely interesting fauna and flora of Madagascar. With a little chance we could still find very savage species of lemurs in the forest.

After the midday rest, we will visit the private reserve of Vakôna. We have here the opportunity of mixing with the lemurs.

  1. Andasibe–Antsirabe: Analamazaotra national park

The observation of the Indri- Indri is the high point of the visit of Analamazaotra.
The INDRIS are the greatest species of lemur in the world. Our park local guide will do the best to find these lemurs and show them to us. The INDRIS differ from the other species of lemurs thanks to their three various strong cries, which can be heard within a radius of 3km. Two hours excursion at the park will be rather tiring for each one of us. Other species of lemurs live here such as Diadem Sifaka, lemurs with brown and red belly. The place is also a real paradise for birds’ lovers. After the excursion we will get back to Antananarivo the capital city.

  1. Flight Antananarivo – Antsiranana: Extreme north

After arriving in Antsiranana or “Diego Suarez”, we will make a tour of the ancient colonial city. We’ll go find endemic Baobab trees in the bay of Ramena.

  1. Antsiranana: Mountain d’Ambre National park

The Mountain d’ambre is rich on floral mode. The excursion leads to several waterfalls. We can meet several species of lemurs on the way.

  1. Antsiranana – Analarama: the Red Tsingys

On the road of Ankarana, we will stop on the way to discover the strange formations of the red Tsingys. These lateritic layers of ground were formed because of erosion.

  1. Ankarana: Tsingy of Ankarana – Ankarana national park

There are many tourist attractions here like the underground rivers and caves. The main attraction is the observation of the calcareous Tsingy formation. With a little chance, we can find species of lemurs such as lemur with crown. There are also several species of plant and animal at the national park.

  1. Ankarana – Ankify- Nosy Be: Begin of the relax

The North of Madagascar is the principal producer of cocoa, vanilla and other spices. We will visit various plantations on the way. We embark in a boat at Ankify to go across to Nosy Be.

  1. Nosy Be: The island of Perfume

Nosy Be island is the ideal place for resort thanks to its beaches of dream. There are various aquatic activity offers on the island. The remaining days on the island are free.

  1. Nosy Be: Day off
  2. Flight Nosy Be – Antananarivo: Transfers
  3. Flight Antananarivo – Europe: Welcome back home. 
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