Tsiribihina River – Tsingy – Baobabs



  1. Arrival in Antananarivo: « the city of a thousand soldiers »

Tonga soa, welcome to Madagascar. Once arriving at the airport of Antananarivo, the team of bandro reisen will welcome you. After the formalities of entrance in the Malagasy land, you will be driven directly to the hotel. It will be your first night in Madagascar.

  1. Antananarivo -Andasibe: the evergreen East

After a short tour in the centre of town of Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar, we will take directly the way to the east. The small village of Andasibe is located at approximately 140 km of the capital. The east is characterized by its green vegetation. The landscape is decorated by the chain of hills and rice field, the image of the high plateau of Madagascar. On the way, we will see the daily life of the Malagasy people.

Before the dinner, we will go for a nocturnal hike along the main road.

  1. Andasibe: Mantadia national park

Today we will visit the National park of Mantadia, and will make a deep exploration through the primary forest, to discover the multiple and extremely interesting fauna and flora of Madagascar. With a little chance we could still find very savage species of lemurs in the forest.

After the midday rest, we will visit the private reserve of Vakôna. We have here the opportunity of mixing with the lemurs.

  1. Andasibe – Antsirabe: Analamazaotra national park

The observation of the Indri- Indri is the high point of the visit of Analamazaotra .
The INDRIS are the greatest species of lemur in the world. Our park local guide will do the best to find these lemurs and show them to us. The INDRIS differ from the other species of lemurs thanks to their three various strong cries, which can be heard within a radius of 3km. Two hours excursion at the park will be rather tiring for each one of us. Other species of lemurs live here such as Diadem Sifaka, lemurs with brown and red belly.

After the excursion, we take the way on direction to the old colonial city of Antsirabe. The landscape is characterized by houses made of red mud and the rice fields of the high plateau. On the way, we will stop to visit the artisanal workshops. In Ambatolampy, we visit a family workshop, where the aluminum pans are manufactured in a traditional way. Besides the crafts, the inhabitants of the country live much on agriculture.

  1. Antsirabe – Miandrivazo: Direction where the sun sets.

Our destination for today is the west coast, a direction to Morondava. Before leaving, we will make a short tour of the city and will visit artisanal workshops. Antsirabe means “the place where there is much salt”, this name comes to the fact that the city houses sources. It is also called “the city of water”. It is also a destination for vacations for Malagasy people. Every year, the beer festival is organized there. The area is well- known thanks to its pink quartz, in this fact; we will visit a workshop of semi-precious stone polishing of the town of Antsirabe.
Historically, this city was founded in 1872 by Norwegian. Until now, their descendants still live in Antsirabe.
The travel from Antsirabe to Miandrivazo offers various landscapes. They are characterized by grassy hills and savanna via the plains.

  1. Miandrivazo – Masiakampy: beginning of the descent to the river Tsiribihina

Transfer to the boarding place. The descent will be done in motor boat. We will find water birds, the lemurs and the crocodiles during the descent. We will spend all night in tents on the banks of the river.

  1. On the river Tsiribihina: the descent continues

After an early breakfast, we will continue our descent to the river. We will have a lunch break close to a waterfall. We will spend the night in tents.

  1. Belo sur Tsiribihina– Bekopaka: end of the descent to the river

End of the descent to the river and travel through the dry landscape to go to Bekopaka. The landscape is characterized by savannas.

  1. Bekopaka: the Tsingy of Bemaraha national park

After an early breakfast, we will leave the hotel to visit the National park of Bemaraha. The National park is a site of the UNESCO world heritage. In this region, the weather is very hot. We will have to provide ourselves constantly with bottles of water. Tsingy have pointed tracing form. Our park local guide will give us more details about the origin of the Tsingy in general. We will have an excursion in small and large Tsingy. With a little chance we could meet certain species of lemurs like the lemurs with Crown. We will also find charming species of plant there. For that, it is recommended to bring torches and suitable shoes of excursion.

  1. Bekopaka-Kirindy: the Swiss forest

Return to Kirindy via Belo Tsiribihina. The reserve of Kirindy is also called “the Swiss forest”. We will focus on the discovery of nocturnal animals as weasel lemur, mouse lemur, giant jumping rat and even Foussa.

  1. Kirindy – Morondava: sunset on the “avenue of Baobabs”

early in the morning, visit of the Kirindy reserve. Before going to the hotel, we will go to the alley of Baobab trees to contemplate the sunset. We can take an unforgettable snapshot of the trips to Madagascar here.

  1. Flight Morondava – Antananarivo: Transfers

Transfer to the airport of Morondava. After the arrival to Antananarivo, transfer to the hotel.

  1. Flight back. Welcome back home.




  • reception at the airport
  • all the transfers : airports- hotels- airports
  • Car with driver and fuel during the travel
  • 10 Nights with breakfast
  • 2 Nights on full board in tents
  • Transfer by ferry
  • Descent to Tsiribihna ( with pirogue)
  • Park entry and local guide in the natural reserves mentioned in the program
  • The excursions mentioned in the program

Not included:

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa about 35,- Euros
  • Lunch and dinner
  • drinks
  • Tips
  • personal expenses
  • optional excursions
  • Domestic flight Morondava – Antananarivo

Highlights Tsiribihina river – Tsingy – baobabs:

  • Descent to the river Tsiribihina
  • Tsingy of Bemaraha: UNESCO world heritage for humanitarian, formation of pointed sandstone
  • Mantadia NP and Analamazaotra NP
  • Baobab trees and baobab avenue
  • Kirindy forest
  • Lemurs and others
  • Antananarivo
  • Andasibe
  • Antsirabe
  • Miandrivazo
  • Tsiribihina Flussfahrt
  • Bekopaka
  • Kirindy
  • Morondava
  • Antananarivo

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